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GVPAA Fall Drama Club Registration

Newsies Registration:

GVPAA Grades 6-12 Cast and Crew

Please put a number where you or someone else responsible can be reached during practice hours.
Please list here any health concerns.
Make payments at Venmo or Paypal - put your child's name in the subject line or message
$ 0.00
Payment page will send you to Paypal. Your payment may show as a "donation page" depending on your paypal settings; as we are a non-profit and not selling a product, this is how Paypal classifies your payment. You can also pay on venmo at @gvpaa. You must do one or the other to be registered. If you need a fee reduction waiver, please contact the director in a written letter asking for the waiver and describing the financial circumstances that require the reduction. The letter will be presented to the GVPAA board for approval and you will be advised of the fee reduction amount.

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