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GVPAA Summer Camp Information

Location: Pennington School 245 Bethel Road Glen Mills, PA

Pickup and drop off:  The front of the Pennington School on Bethel Road.

  • Please park your car on the Smithbridge Rd side of the building and come to get your child.
  • We will not release your child to anyone but you or your designee so make sure you let us know who to expect but more importantly let your child know who to expect.
  • We cannot release children to cars or have cars driving through the pick up and drop off area.

All participants must have in a bag/backpack:

  • closed toed shoes (these should be worn to camp)
  • comfortable clothing
  • a personal water bottle
  • hand sanitizer
  • extra sunscreen
  • snack/lunch
  • All bags should be clearly labeled with first and last names.

Adult Staff:
-Mrs. Thomas
-Ms. Greco
-Annie Tunstall
-Meghan Arters
-Heather Arters
-Jess Griffith

Student Staff
-Neala Carroll
-Mika Delacruz
-Wesley Weist

-Charity Sassi
-Grace Lyons

Props, Costumes, Tech, Production  and Crew (hereto called adult crew)
-Ray Crozier
-Abby Vandenbrul
-Mark Griffith (as available)
-Ben Mascioli (consultant for show day)
-Amp Lyons – consultant
-Leslie Skotak- consultant
-Jerry Arters and Russ Replogle- consultant
-Brooke Lauginiger (as available)

Tech and stage (hereto called crew)
-Heidi Hiem
-Lili Giribadli
-Will Boettger

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